Wow!!! Time flies…

A little over a year ago on April 8th of 2016. I was released from my corporate hospital office manager position.

I was officially unemployed. That position was literally my everything. It was my only source of income.

I had just purchased my second home September of 2016. I did not get a chance restored my savings, due to the down payment of purchasing my new home. Not only was I unemployed but a few days before I was fired, my car quit. Since I had been at the same hospital busting my butt for 4 long hard years, I honestly thought my job was secure. I literally work 80 to 100+ hours every two weeks.

I didn’t get any lunches, breaks, I took work home, went in an hour early every day, stayed late… which I Did Not get compensated for.

I got in trouble for placing a patient on a 2 minute hold to use the restroom. I got in trouble for taking a 2 minute phone call from my daughters doctor to find out what was wrong with her, which was the first and only time I ever her from her doctor since she was born. Keep in mind she was still a baby at the time.

I was running everything… in the interview I was told I’d have help… that was false. I had little to none. I could not even express my breast milk out properly for my daughter, due to lack of coverage in the office.

So not only was I now unemployed with a new house and two kids but I also did not have a car neither.

I was crushed and scared out of my mind. I truly didn’t know what to do next. I bust my butt for that hospital just to be dropped like I was nothing.

I kept thinking to myself could this get any better…

Now almost a year later I came off the biggest month in my life.

But it wasn’t always like this… and I had No idea it would turn out like this a year ago when I was fired from my management position.

Truthfully, what they say is absolutely correct, everything happens for a reason. It’s been the best thing that could ever happen in my life.

At the time I was working for the Univ.ersity of San Diego Hospital as an office manager in the cardiology department.

I like being an office manager the money was good but I knew that I wanted out of my 7 to 5 job. I’ve heard it was a blessing in disguise, I knew I was cut out to be an entrepreneur and run my own business. So I started really searching online to see what I could find.

I didn’t know the first place to look so I decided to hop on Google and also check my emails.

Almost by mistake I stumbled upon 1 of the largest, in your face, industries the world has to offer.

I thought to myself how didn’t I think of this years ago… business education

I instantly knew that this was the place to be…

I tried to start working June of 2016 but was not actually able to work due to the life events that took place.

My grandma having brain surgery. They said it was an an aneurysm, then that said it was a non cancerous tumor, then they said it was a cyst, I honestly don’t know what it was but I sure am happy they were able to remove it safely.

Also at that time my grandpa was off of med and having mental health issues.

Then my uncle was being accused and arrested for something he didn’t do and my great grandma, at 102 years old, passed way.😢😭

Right before those life issues accured I enrolled my self into the part where they advertise for you. About 2 weeks later I got a text stating I received my first twelve hundred dollars commission.

Finally about mid September I was able to work!

I never thought little old me… could or would make money like this from home.

This experience has literally changed my life forever.

I’ve been able to travel all over. I’ve been able to become good friends with top earners.

So… why am I writing this post TODAY!?

Great question 🙂

It’s been quite the journey.

I started at 26 years old… I’m 27 now 🙁

To bad I couldn’t stay 21 lol…

But I am celebrating a very special achievement, 1 year of being successfully self employed online, from home!

I will NEVER forget the day become an online business owner… it literally changed my life forever.

That’s why now in my effort to “pay it forward” I’ve been helping share this information with as many people as I can.

I realized, there are no limitations in this life. If I Can Do It… I know You Can Too!

This is Our year!

Are you truly looking for a change in your life?

If you are really ready for a change and this is something that sounds interesting to you and you want more information…

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