Busy Mom and Platinum Consultant, Natasha Chatters, is Shocked by $1,250 Commission

On April 5th, 2017 the day after my birthday I received a surprise call from Mobe. I was in total shock, I never thought I’d received a call like this from Mobe. I had no idea is was recorded until…

I checked my email last night and found this…

“Natasha Chatters is a busy mom and a new MOBE consultant. She saw the opportunity to “make money while still learning” so she jumped at it. So far she has seen a 200% ROI. She is so impressed with We Sell Good Traffic that she plans to continue to purchase buyers even after she is more established. She feels that it is the best option for new Consultants. Check out what she has to say HERE.”

I love my Business!

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Check out what My Downline aka My Business Partner has to say about his $19, 250 Results as Well! Go Ryan! Congratulations!

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