Ask Yourself Am I Winning

Know that if you celebrate others, Others will celebrate you. Please, whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to only be a spectator, you also need to participate. You need to have the audacity to win. Winning should most definitely not be optional, it should be necessary. You should always refuse to lose.

Make Winning a Habit

You should think, know, feel, and believe that you will win. Have your mind made up to were there’s no choice and no option to lose. Just go ahead and take lose out of your vocabulary. If you have not already, become an overachiever in any and everything you do. Always want to win and fight for the win like your life depends on it. Okay, so you still may be learning how to be a winner. Here is a tip to help you with that… surround yourself with winners, around the people you admire and want to be like. Doing this will make you a winner by association. Helping you to have a winning attitude, also your why will help elevate you to keep winning. Especially if your why includes your family or whatever important to you. Be sure to enjoy and celebrate all your wins matter how small or large it is. You have achieved a step closer to your goals and are one steps closer to Success.

Fail forward

You will fail, as everyone does. Its apart of the process to achieving your goals. Remember behind every success is a story. Tell me, how many times do you think Einstein fail before he got that light to turn on? Now, we turn on lights without even thinking about all the steps and failure that had taken place to achieve that goal. When you fail, fail gracefully, and keep moving forward. Live and learn. The more mistakes you make the better, you’ll be able to go out and get it right the next time. Keep a positive mind set, see the positive in every situation you go through. Trust me the is good in everything. Always allow yourself to aim to be better then you were the day before. Take time to really analyze the situation, think where did I go wrong, how can I make it better. Success does not come easy, every success has had failure.


Don’t let you emotions take you out of the game, keep up the fight to win. Also keep in mind, your reactions can effect your MOJO, as well. Your reaction to situations can make a big difference in the outcome. To over come things that can alter you emotions, you will need lots of personal development to help control your emotions. A winning mind set will help you keep winning! Only you can hold yourself back.