5 Reasons Why We Get Objections

Honestly, this is a numbers game. Everyone will not say yes. No, I definitely am not saying treat people like they are numbers. I am saying that you have to go through the nose to get to the yes. Again everyone is not going to say yes, it’s a hit and miss. You have to see who is open and willing to listen. You will need to increase the number of people you talk to. Increase the number of people you expose.

1. Fear of Failure

People have a fear of not being successful. They have a fear of being made fun, laughed at, and being ridiculed. This is outside of the box, it’s not normal to them, it’s was never taught. What they fail to realize is that most people that succeed have failed.

Everyone should keep their mind right, do lots of personal development.

Is your current job going to provide you with a secure future? If the answer is yes, please let me know how? What to do you have to show that is a guarantee?

2. Lack of Knowledge

A lot people speak on network marketing due to what they were told or the brief experience they had. Okay, I have a good one they many people use… that’s a pyramid. But when you ask them what a pyramid is they don’t have a valid answer, which ends up being, well I don’t know. Many people degrade network marketing because they don’t understand it, they were not taught it, or was never exposed to it. Whatever it is don’t let anyone talk you out of what you are doing… period.

3. Negativity

If the environment is negative, please remove yourself from it. Don’t let it invade or incfest your mind, remember to keep you eye on the prize. As individuals, us our selves can be the most negative. If you have to ask, was that negative… the answer is yes, and I going to need you to shake that attitude. Always stay positive. Know that there is always a motive behind negativity, don’t let it hold you back.

4. Self Image

Personally this one has never been a problem for me but a lot of people worry about what other people think.

Ever heard the Fraze..

The enemy is the inner me

Well if that pertains to you. That’s going to have to start here and Now. You may need to barrow the image of someone you envy. Change starts with you, a take a look in the mirror. Try giving, sometimes you receive even greater.

Start you day off with some that inspires you! Wake up saying, thinking, and knowing how great, smart, and successful you are!

5. Lack of Desire

Which can also be described as laziness. We don’t have a genuine in the bottle that can grant us any wishes. That’s not the way it goes, we have to work hard for what we want, to achieve the lifestyle we desire. For some reason people always seem to want things handed to them.