Be Limitless

Is having the ability and capability of doing anything you put your mind to. Now of course we have limits physically, for example: we are not able to run 100 miles per hour or even fly for several minutes.

On the other hand there are no limitations on our psychological capability. What you think and believe you definitely can achieve! If you put your mind to it you can do it! A lot of people were say where can you see yourself in 5 years but seeing with your eyes may not help if you’re imagination is not aligned. Lately I’ve been hearing the term invision yourself where you’d like to be in life. A tip that can help with this is, you know that fast car you want? Go to the dealership, sit in it, smile it, feel it, and test drive it! You know that fancy house you want? Go see 1 similar to what you want. If that is to bold for you then you can just make a great vision board. Although I highly recommend the 1st option, it will help you refuse to lose and choose to win! You have that I must have this mentality.

A few step to becoming limitless.

You are going to have to Adopt a limitless mind set. Your thoughts need to be I am going to keep going until I reach my goal. I will not give up no matter what. Things like I am not going to give myself any boundaries, the sky is the limit. Also thoughts like I’m not going to wait for it to come to me, I’m going to go get it.

You are going to have to instill in yourself to always move past your comfort zone. When facing adversity always remember to let your reach always exceed your graspe. If you are shy some may call you an invert, or as manufacturer people say, not a sales person… your why should be strong enough to over come these fears. Did you know that comfort hold more people prisoner than all the jails and prisons combined. The greats enemy of progress is ease, success does not come easy, it come will hard work. Make sure you stretch yourself so your dreams and goals can be achieved.

You’ll need to build your focus muscles. If you have a coach or mentor. Be sure to be Coachable, stay teachable, and allow them to help you. A great piece of advice I have received is to follow one course until you are successful in it then you can branch off to another if you’d like. Teach yourself discipline.

You will need to train like an athlete. Grind for you why until you reach the end result you desire. Know that there will be pains, you may get frustrated, have discomfort, you might even get angry. Whatever you do, make no excuses because excuse don’t excuse you. Fight for what you want as if its life or death. Get your mind prepared to do whatever needs to be done to make sure your dreams come true.

Get gritty, show courage, and get results!


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