It’s a Gift!

We all bump into challenges. The question is… How do you respond to adversity?


Your response to an obstacles will determine you results. The only tragedy that I see is when some people choose not to grow through the adversity. So honestly it’s your decision to tackle the problem and learn from it. Live and learn from your mistakes. Think of that issue as a gift because it’s giving you a chance to grow, build strength, and have confident. It opens the next door to our true potential. Your response to the adversity can lead to innovation.

Before you make that What is she talking about facial expression… let me give you an example: Believe it or not sticky notes (post-it) were created by mistake. They were trying to make a stronger adhesive which failed as we all know but someone took the positive out of that situation and now we have these awesome sticky notes. Which can be placed on anything to remind us of things we need to remember or do. Your innovation could be that you found the skill, that is or was missing. Which would help prevent that obstacle from reoccurring.

Have you have miss understood something before? I know I have. Adversity can be caused because there maybe a need for a deeper understanding.

What difficulties are you facing at this time? Make it a moment that empowers you. Capitalize from adversity. Your in charge you can choose to see an opportunity or mistakes, again it’s your decision. Choose to take adversity head on.

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P.P.S. Remember, good or bad… Everything happens for a reason. Try to always find the good out of all situations