You Must…

~Make a choice…

A choice is an act of selected or making a decision when your faced with two or more options.

Are you choosing to be unhappy with your current circumstances or choosing to make moves so you can be free?

Did you choose to procrastinate or handle it right away?

What are you choosing?

Everybody has chooses…

Do you refuse to lose and choose to win?

All of our small choices help us conquer big temptation.

You are our choices

Have you ever hear of the saying you came out looking like your parents but you are leave looking like your choices.

We all have the ability to choose or refuse.

“Is in your moment of decision your destiny has been shaped.” Tony Robinson

Remember the choice is yours.

Choose wisely, make good choices!

If you expect great thing, great things will happen to you.


~Take a chance

Do you realize how much power taking a chance can have?

If no one in this world ever took a chance, how would any of us actually know what works?

Take a chance to find out if it does not work, rather then not take the chance and never know the true outcome at all.

Change don’t run out unless you stop taking them.

If your reading this, you woke up today! Which means you got another chance to do something positive with your life!


~Change is to make or become different.

Make improvements.

So again you must make a choice to take a chance to get the change in your life that you desire!

The 3 C’s

P.S. I love this!

Dear past thank you for the lessons.

Dear future I’m ready.

Dear God thank you for another chance.

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